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Improve Training Speed & Quality
Make Profitable Management Decisions
Deliver Consistent Food & Beverage Quality
Improve Guest Satisfaction & Loyalty
Get Control of Your Menu
  Improve Training Speed & Quality

FRONTLINE distributes all of your mission-critical information to every back office computer and POS terminal throughout your restaurant—even your entire chain. Instantaneously.

Train new servers faster and more effectively through any POS terminal.

In a high-turnover industry, training is a constant concern. And now, Frontline makes training faster, easier and more effective than ever before. It replaces bulky and quickly-outdated paper manuals, delivering all training materials directly through any POS terminal. New servers can access ingredient lists, menu item slide shows, allergen information instantaneously, anytime.

And Frontline's training module can be customized for your unique training needs. The software allows mangers and corporate trainers to enter server test questions across the entire company. This ensures consistent training enterprise-wide.

Frontline is a great management tool, but servers benefit too. Training is more interesting and more engaging. And the web-based interface is simple and easy to use. Servers can quickly learn a new drink list or new menu items, empowering them to give better customer service. The greater their menu knowledge, the more they can sell. And the higher the check average, the greater their tips.

Self-directed training is accessible anytime a server needs a refresher…or anytime the menu changes. So management can spend less time hand-holding and more time running a profitable operation.


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