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  About Ethrymax

FRONTLINE distributes all of your mission-critical information to every back office computer and POS terminal throughout your restaurant—even your entire chain. Instantaneously.


My name is William Berkowitz, and I currently operate nine Max's World restaurants in San Francisco, California.

Do you find it ironic that an industry that's all about food, beverage and service is staffed by a workforce that knows very little about any of those things?

Our industry is, and probably always will be, something of a revolving door. So my management staff and I have to overcome high staff turnover, overcome entry-level management, and overcome inexperienced service to deliver outstanding product and keep customers coming back.

If you can't change your people (because they don't hang around long enough!) then you've got to change your processes. And that's why I invented Frontline.

I was frustrated. There was no electronic system on the market that would allow me to globally manage the wealth of information it takes to run a restaurant chain (or individual location). Important details fell through the cracks. Costs rose…but customer satisfaction remained flat.

Having a passion for both restaurant operations and technology, I believed I could invent what I wasn't able to find on the market: a software solution that could help me, my managers, my cooks and my staff do a better job…by making it easier for all of us to share critical information.

I created Frontline to run on just about any POS terminal or back-office computer. I wanted better access to information, but I didn't want to have to invest in new equipment. (So you won't either.)

Frontline has been making a difference in my own restaurants for over a year now. Can it do the same for you? Why not find out today…completely free of charge. Just click the "Try Frontline Free" banner of any page to get started.



William Berkowitz


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